Work Mate™ Fatigue Reduction Mat

Work Mate™ Fatigue Reduction Mat

Product Description

The Work Mate is an anti-fatigue mat that is designed to reduce fatigue caused by standing for long periods of time on hard surfaces. Anti-fatigue mats are especially useful during traffic control operations where a flagger must remain stationary.

The Work Mate is made of 100% vulcanized rubber with molded-in finger holes to allow for easy carrying and placement. In addition to reducing fatigue, the Work Mate easily defines the flagger location in the work zone.

The Work Mate, along with other anti-fatigue mats, are used to decrease foot weariness for workers who stand in one position for extended periods of time. Tiredness, soreness, and discomfort after long hours of standing are the combined effect of several factors, including the workers’ footwear, the surface under the Work Mate and the nature of the work itself. The Work Mate can help to alleviate some of the discomfort associated with standing on hard surfaces for long periods.

Not only does the Work Mate help reduce fatigue, it can create and safer and more productive work zone by reducing slip and fall injuries during adverse weather conditions and uneven terrain, reducing back pain and stress, increasing productivity and alertness by comforting and supporting the workers body, and can prevent injuries caused by excess stress and fatigue.