Traffic Control Services


Triumph Traffic dispatches 24 hours a day 7 days a week, any trouble calls that may come in and for crews who work after hours and need to schedule. Using Buffer Vehicles during emergencies or night work for extra protection, can prove to be an effective means of Traffic Control. We understand the customer has many needs and time schedules to complete their project in most cases cities and municipalities push work to be done when traffic volumes are at their lowest.



1-866-203-5120 or dial our local number, we can be reached all hours of the day for your emergency needs call us now!


Employees On Call

Our staff is on rotating on-call evenings & weekends so they are waiting to be dispatched out, we are available to take emergency call outs at all hours. We strive to be onsite as quick as we can.


Traffic Control Installation crews quickly close any required lanes that are affected by the work. From major city intersections to remote areas we have the right equipment to serve all your Traffic Management Needs. Each part to the work zone is critical to the success of your road closures for smooth transitions and driver awareness.


Lane Closure Service

At Triumph Traffic we have Lane Closure Buffer Vehicles which come with a Lane Technician who assists in the work zone for the duration of the shift. Triumph Traffic also provides lane closure installation crews to assist in shutting down lanes and setting up signage for longer projects, or project that may not need Flagging throughout the day. Our Lane Techs are skilled at work zone set ups and work closely with the Traffic Management Planning department to install approved closures.


Freeway Closures

Experts at Freeway Closures we have access to the best equipment meeting current regulations for high volume and high speed locations. These locations provide far more hazards and risk assessments must be performed prior to the planning process. Incident reports must be documented. Only our best technicians and planners will develop the Traffic Control.


Traffic Control Person is a person trained to conduct traffic through a work zone; having in mind both the safety of workers and public traffic. Traffic Control Persons should stand at the most appropriate location to direct traffic through a work area, consistent with the Industrial Health and Safety Regulations. If there is no line of sight between two Traffic Control Persons, and they do not have radio communication, it will be necessary to position a third Traffic Control Person between the two to relay visual signals.



Changing the way the Traffic Control Industry views our workers who monitor work zone safety is something we strive for, bringing in a level of professionalism that paints former perceptions on flaggers (Traffic Control Persons) in a positive light. Our Employees understand that customers service is key, and part of that service is the positive attitude we reflect when conducting traffic. Triumph Traffic is looking for safety orientated, polite, reliable, efficient, problem solvers and these are who we strive to hire.


Hazard Assessments

This three step process of Identifying the risks, analyzing the risk and controlling the hazard. Traffic Control Persons must survey the environment and anticipate dangers to themselves and to others. Documenting any hazards, determining the following: Is this an immediate safety threat? How severe would the injury or damage be? Then taking steps to determine measures that would reduce or eliminate the hazard. Our Health and Safety Program provides solutions to many procedures, and marks out how to perform each task safely. This also gives the worker the ability to correct unsafe working conditions. They have the RIGHT to REFUSE unsafe work.


Traffic control plans should be made by qualified personnel and those plans should be reviewed as work progresses. Planning for traffic control in work zones is very important regardless of the project size. The needed detail in the plan depends on the complexity of the work and on the conflicts between traffic and the separation of public traffic and work areas, the limitation of work periods and for lane closures based on careful consideration of anticipated traffic volumes and minimum exposure of workers.


Classifications of Traffic Control Plans

There are a range of types of Traffic Control Plans from 1 being the simplest to 5 needing the seal of a professional Engineer. Traffic Plans are in very high demand, in order to serve you better please give us as much notice to get your project to the Traffic Planners then off to the proper jurisdiction for approval. Email us now at


Cities & Jurisdictions

Understanding the full scope of your project is the key to successful planning. Cities and Jurisdictions all have their own individual requirements for approving Traffic Management Plans.


Triumph Traffic coordinates all levels of permit compliance for all Cities, Municipalities, Districts and Ministry of Transportation jurisdictions. Understanding how busy you are, we gladly will take on your project needs to deliver the proper paperwork by the estimated project dates. Some projects take longer to get approved than other simpler requests, please make sure the Triumph Traffic team has sufficient notice to get your requests through the system and approved for your set scheduled date.


Types of Requests

  • Street Use Permits
  • Utilities Permits
  • Lane Closure Requests
  • Civil Work Requests
  • Noise Exemption Letters
  • Notification Letters
  • Special Events Permits
  • Sign Posting & Installation
  • Parking Meter Removals
  • Bus Stop Moves
  • Railway Flaggers
  • Police Traffic Authorities
  • Oversize & Overweight load permits
  • Ministry of Transportation

Project Handling

Once you hand your time sensitive projects over to us, we work with the corresponding government body to get your project approved in a timely manner.


Triumph Traffic deals with special events and film projects, parades and marathons any event that requires special planning. The process for these may take more involvement to care for scheduling and planning, please allow our team plenty of time prior to your event to be sure the approvals from the local road authorities can be met.


A Few Examples:

  • Vancouver 2010 Olympics & Paralympics
  • Ted Talks Convention
  • Film Shoots
  • Bicycle Races
  • Marathons
  • Fireworks
  • Concerts


Triumph Traffic provides your transport solutions for oversize loads anywhere. All of drivers are fully trained and operate well maintained vehicles to ensure that you reach your destination safely and without delay. Every pilot vehicles carries a mobile and portable VHF radio that provides for reliable radio communications. We carry extra equipment’s such as flags, oversize and magnetic flashers.


Oversize Load Permits

Triumph Traffic’s Management team can handle any permits your require to get your load to where it is going.


Understanding that each jurisdiction has legal requirements for transporting oversize and overweight loads.

Custom Signs

Triumph Traffic can customize any traffic safety sign, as well as sell or rent standard signs. All Construction signs come in 3m Diamond grade reflective sheeting, we also deal with Engineer Grade, High Intensity reflective type signage.

  • Regulation Signs
  • Parking Signs
  • Public Notification Signs
  • Construction Signs
  • Warning Signs
  • Street Signs
  • Stop/Slow Paddles
  • Speciality Signs


Triumph Traffic has the ability to design, print and apply truck decals and complete vehicle wraps. Making Vehicle advertising easy. High Quality Vehicle wraps and decal designs, printed with only the best quality inks and vinyl. Also specializing in reflectivity decals for safety vehicles.

  • Boat Graphics
  • Boat Lettering
  • Bumper Stickers
  • Parking Permits
  • Vehicle Lettering
  • Vehicle Magnets
  • Vehicle Wraps
  • Window Graphics