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Traffic Management Solutions


We have dedicated vehicles for emergencies or night work to ensure extra protection. We understand the customer has many needs and time schedules to complete their project in most cases cities and municipalities push work to be done when traffic volumes are at their lowest.


Traffic Control Installation crews quickly close any required lanes that are affected by the work. From major city intersections to remote areas we have the right equipment to serve all your Traffic Management Needs. Each part to the work zone is critical to the success of your road closures for smooth transitions and driver awareness.


Traffic Control Person is a person trained to conduct traffic through a work zone; having in mind both the safety of workers and public traffic. Traffic Control Persons should stand at the most appropriate location to direct traffic through a work area, consistent with the Industrial Health and Safety Regulations. If there is no line of sight between two Traffic Control Persons, and they do not have radio communication, it will be necessary to position a third Traffic Control Person between the two to relay visual signals.


Traffic control plans should be made by qualified personnel and those plans should be reviewed as work progresses. Planning for traffic control in work zones is very important regardless of the project size. The needed detail in the plan depends on the complexity of the work and on the conflicts between traffic and the separation of public traffic and work areas, the limitation of work periods and for lane closures based on careful consideration of anticipated traffic volumes and minimum exposure of workers.


Triumph Traffic coordinates all levels of permit compliance for all Cities, Municipalities, Districts and Ministry of Transportation jurisdictions. Understanding how busy you are, we gladly will take on your project needs to deliver the proper paperwork by the estimated project dates. Some projects take longer to get approved than other simpler requests, please make sure the Triumph Traffic team has sufficient notice to get your requests through the system and approved for your set scheduled date.


Triumph Traffic deals with special events and film projects, parades and marathons any event that requires special planning. The process for these may take more involvement to care for scheduling and planning, please allow our team plenty of time prior to your event to be sure the approvals from the local road authorities can be met.


Triumph Traffic can customize any traffic safety sign, as well as sell or rent standard signs. All Construction signs come in 3m Diamond grade reflective sheeting, we also deal with Engineer Grade, High Intensity reflective type signage.