Type I & II Folding Barricades

Type I & II Folding Barricades

All Folding Barricades from Triumph Traffic meet or exceed MUTCD Standards.

Triumph Traffics Plastic Folding Barricades are made from durable impact resistant polyethylene. The lightweight and easy to handle Blow Molded plastic legs provide increased strength to minimize barricade damage and prevents sagging in extreme heat. The modular design allows for easy replacement of components, saving you time, money, and helps keep waste out of our landfills. The unique San-Fil bottom panels eliminates those messy and unruly sand bags and helps to stabilize the barricade in windy conditions.

All Triumph Traffics Barricade Panels are recessed to protect the expensive reflective sheeting and feature molded-in male and female stacking lugs to keep the barricades firmly in place for transport and storage. Barricade Panels can be stacked with or without attached Barricade Lighting.

High Impact Plastic Folding Barricade (37000 Series)

Triumph Traffics’ folding plastic barricades use durable blow molded plastic legs and High Impact (blow molded) panels. Because the Plastic Folding Barricade is assembled with individual components, you can select any combination of top and bottom panels as listed below:

  • Made from durable impact resistant polyethylene
  • Blow molded legs provide increased strength to minimize barricade damage and to prevent sagging in extreme heat
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Wide selection of Type I and II barricades are available
  • Modular design allows for easy replacement of components
  • Unique San-Fil bottom panel eliminates messy sand bags

Tired of Wasting Money?

Stop wasting money by discarding bent metal legs, broken wood panels, or unrepairable plastic barricades. The Triumph Traffics’ High Impact Plastic Barricade is modular, constructed from impact resistant plastic and all the components can be replaced should they become broken or damaged.

Save $$$ by repairing your barricades and help reduce waste going into out landfils. All Plastic Folding Barricades from Triumph Traffic are 100% recyclable. Help the Environment and help yourself! It’s a win-win!

Metal Leg & Plastic Panel Barricades (35000 Series)

The 35000 Series barricades, feature metal legs with High Impact (blow molded) panels. Now you can combine the strength of impact resistant plastic panels with traditional metal legs. These barricade components come together to form a more durable folding barricade.

  • NCHRP 350 accepted with standard or “D” cell barricade lights
  • Meets MUTCD standards
  • Panels are recessed to protect reflective sheeting
  • Durable impact resistant plastic panels
  • Panels are reinforced to increase stiffness and reduce bending or warping
  • Steel legs available in white Painted or Galvanized finish

Choose from the following components:

    • Top Panel:  8″ × 24″12″ × 24″

    • Bottom Panel:  6″ × 24″8″ × 24″

    • Leg Thickness:  12 or 14 gauge