Enviro-Cone® (16028 Series)

Enviro-Cone® (16028 Series)

The Enviro-Cone is the future of traffic cones: MUTCD Compliant, 80% recycled by weight, and can easily be recycled again if the cone is damaged or destroyed. This saves you money and helps to keep more plastic from entering our landfills. If a cone stem becomes unusable, simply reorder the stem and reuse the base, no need to buy the entire cone again!

The Enviro-Cone is manufactured from low density polyethylene, this provides superior cold weather performance and increases the life span of the Enviro-Cone when compared to traditional PVC Cones. The Enviro-Cone resists cracking and shattering down to -45°F (-42.78°C); and even under the hottest conditions, the Enviro-Cone stands tall and vertical in temperatures as high as 180°F (82.23°C); no more soft and droopy cones in hot weather! The Enviro-Cone provides long term durability with excellent color retention through the use of UV stabilizers and low density polyethylene plastic. With more than 50% of the Enviro-Cone being made of recycled materials by weight, it qualifies for Green Points.

With its patented Easy Grip Groove handle, the Enviro-Cone provides excellent “gription” for quick deployment and retrieval. This groove makes tying off caution tape a breeze and is 100% compatible with the Triumph Traffic Retractable Cone Bar.

Visibility on the roadway is an important feature of any traffic safety cone, and the Enviro-Cone has broader surface area for cones of similar height and weight. The wide-body construction of the Enviro-Cone has 42% greater target value than Slim Line Cones during daylight hours, and 34% at night. This design increases visibility without increasing the weight of the cone. A larger cone is a greater “threat” to drivers and represents potential damage to their car. With this greater visibility, the driver has more time to slow down and avoid a collision, which saves lives and prevents damamge to the workzone.

Every day, millions of traffic cones are used in construction and work zones around the globe. In windy conditions, these cones may blow over and need be put back into service by a workcrew. Resetting these cones requires time in a potentially dangerous area and takes time away from getting the job done. Because of its revolutionary design, 80% of the weight of the Enviro-Cone is in its base. This gives the Enviro-Cone a lower center of gravity and thus a better tipping point compared to any 7 or 10lb (3.18 or 4.53 kg) PVC cone currently available on the market.

In 2015, the Triumph Traffic Devices Engineering Team conducted a wind tunnel test to demonstrate that the Enviro-Cone was more stable in windy conditions than PVC cones of similar weight and size. The certified wind tunnel used for the testing is equiped with a 30′ (9.14 m) wide propeller and can produce wind speeds up to 270 mph (434.5 kp/h) in precise wind velocities. When tested against similiar PVC cones, the Enviro-Cone was the decisive winner while the PVC cone was blown out of service.

Stability Improvement
Tipping Point Comparison
PVC Cone vs. Enviro-Cone

7 lb. PVC Cone

  • Angle: 45°
  • Weight: 7 lb. (3.18 kg)
  • Distribution: Base: 60% / Stem: 40%

10 lb. PVC Cone

  • Angle: 55°
  • Weight: 10 lb. (4.54 kg)
  • Distribution: Base: 60% / Stem: 40%

7 lb. Enviro-Cone

  • Angle: 76°
  • Weight: 7 lb. (3.18 kg)
  • Distribution: Base: 80% / Stem: 20%


Orange/Lime traffic cone is 18″, 28″, or 36″ (45.72, 71.12, or 91.44 cm) in height and has a total weight of 3, 7, 10, or 12 lbs. ± ¼ lb. (1.36, 3.18, 4.54, 5.44 kg. ± 0.113 kg.). Stem of the cone is molded from LDPE to provide superior cold/hot weather performance, excellent 100% UV resistance/color retention, and superior impact performance. Base of the cone is molded from recyclable rubber and makes up 80% of the total weight. Dimensions of the base are 15 ¾” × 15 ¾” (40 × 40 cm). The cone base is removable so that the stem can be replaced if either part becomes damaged. The cone base will lock onto the cone stem with molded-in locking lugs. The stem of the cone is designed with recessed areas for reflective collars and a groove near the top of the cone for easy gription. Tipping angle of the cone is no less than 76° from vertical. The entire Enviro-Cone product, cone stem and base, is made in the USA.

Retractable Cone Bar™

Improve safety in your work zone by creating a visual and physical pedestrian barrier with the Retractable Cone Bar and a series of Enviro-Cones. The retractable bar is made of durable ABS plastic and wrapped in reflective sheeting for night-time visibility. Each end of the retractable bar has a rugged 3¼” (8.26 cm) loop that easily drops over any traffic cones or delineator posts.